2 Ways to Move Phone Contacts from Android to Iphone

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the iPhone is quite lagging behind the technology offered by Android smartphones. Even so, being a well-known and best-selling mobile phone brand in any part of the world, makes its fans always increase. For that, before you know how to move phone contacts from Android to iPhone, the following will explain the advantages an

It is different in Indonesia, because the iPhone is ranked in the top five after OPPO, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Vivo. The outstanding advantage of this Apple-made phone is its technology, which is the center of smartphone companies in the world. For example, screen bangs and camera designs are often imitated by Android smartphone companies. For more on the pros and cons of iPhone phones, read the following reviews for the full insight!

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the iPhone is quite lagging behind the technology offered by Android smartphones. Even so, being a well-known and best-selling mobile phone brand in any part of the world, makes its fans always increase. For that, before you know how to move phone contacts from Android to iPhone, the following will explain the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone phones. 

Good Build Quality 

The high quality of the iPhone is indeed its main advantage. All products made by Apple are made to the best quality standards, so product defects are rarely found. As for the look of the phone, it looks premium and iconic, so many consumers buy it, to remember the details as a whole. Besides being iconic and easy to remember by customers, the packaging aspect of the product along with its accessories and boxes, has a premium feel. For that, it's no secret that the unit price is quite expensive, because for the sake of good product quality it costs a lot. Even for the series output, it is issued once a year. 

Smooth and Stable Performance 

In order to produce good and fast performance, iPhone products have the Apple Bionic Chipset, which is no less fast than Android products. For example, the Apple A15 Bionic chipset on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you want to compare, this is the same as Snapdragon 888 on Android gaming mobile devices, namely Red Magic 6. In addition to the presence of a fast chipset, the iPhone also has a fairly smooth and smooth operating system. This is because the combination of chipset, RAM, hardware, and iOS guarantees all performance. With advantages like these, it is proof that iPhone phones can be used for years and are durable to use.

iOS Always Up to Date 

Another advantage that makes iPhone products a superior product in the field of technology is the operating system that is always up to date. In this way, existing users can enjoy the latest features and even better security. Apple itself does often update iPhone types, both new products and old series. iOS is also the most secure and stable operating system. iOS is also only used by iPhone phones, so it seems very exclusive. Therefore, consumers who use it are more directed to the upper middle class segment, for business security purposes. 

Safer The applications 

provided by the AppStore are far less, when compared to Android phones via the PlayStore. This is based on the selective attitude on the part of Apple, for downloading applications to the device. Of course this is the main attraction, especially in the field of mobile phone security. Installation of iPhone applications, can only be done in the AppStore. Even if you still want applications outside the AppStore, of course you need the help of third-party applications. 

This is different from Android phones which have provided the option to install applications, even if it is done outside the PlayStore without the help of a third party. The one-stop download system from the AppStore can prevent viruses or malware from entering continuously. As for Android users, they are more vulnerable to these attacks, because users can freely install applications outside the PlayStore. 

Better Photo Results It's no secret

if the quality of the iPhone camera is better and of better quality. This also applies to the video, which is always a concern for every release of the latest iPhone series. The camera aspect is always considered by Apple, in addition to the operating system. In addition to sophisticated hardware, the camera is the main point to support additional, more innovative features.

The price of used cell phones is quite 

high iPhone phones that are used, but do not have the slightest defects, are still priced quite high, when compared to smartphone phones. Even so, consumers are still willing to spend quite a lot of money, in order to get iPhone products as they want. Once you know some of the advantages of the iPhone, it doesn't mean that their product doesn't have any drawbacks. 

Of the many advantages that attract consumers to buy this product, the iPhone still has shortcomings in the field of technological sophistication. In summary, the following are the shortcomings of the iPhone, (1) the price is quite expensive, (2) the iOS display cannot be customized, (3) the battery capacity is small, and (4) the design and specifications are less innovative.

How to Move Phone Contacts from Android to Iphone Switching from an Android phone to an iPhone, is not a strange thing.

 Lots of users are switching to Apple-made phones, because of some of the advantages above. Even so, there are still obstacles, especially when moving phone contacts on the iPhone operating system. To find out a summary of the data transfer tutorial, here's the explanation! 

1.   Transfer Using the App For moving contacts, you need a special app, which is called Move to iOS. Here's the tutorial. * First, download and install the application on your device. * Next, open the application and accept or agree to the terms and conditions submitted. * Then, allow the application to access all the data both contacts, SMS, calendar, and other files. * Open your iPhone to enter the 'iPhone Setup' section > Select 'Move Data from Android', to get a 6-digit number code. 

Finally, enter the code in the 'Move to iOS' application and select what data to move. Finished! 

2.   Transfer Using Google Sync Apart from using special apps, you can also use Google Sync. You can get this feature from Google easily and automatically. Here's a short tutorial. * First, go to the settings menu on your Android device and select 'Google'. * Then, select the 'Account Services' menu and select 'Contacts Sync'. 

* Make sure the 'Automatically Sync Google Contacts' and 'Backup & Sync Device Contacts' fields are enabled. * Go to the iPhone settings menu, then select the 'Password & Accounts' menu and enter the Gmail account you use. * Select the account that has been added and tick each data to be moved. The following is a long explanation of the advantages of iPhone phones, to find out a tutorial on how to move phone contacts from Android to iPhone. With the two ways above, the transfer of important data such as contacts, SMS, email, calendar, to small notes will be synchronized properly and safely. Good luck!

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