Tips to Avoid Phishing so That your Account is not Hacked by Just Anyone

Tips to Avoid Phishing so That your Account is not Hacked by Just Anyone

Fraud cases are currently rife with various modes. Taking advantage of people's ignorance or negligence becomes an easy target for perpetrators to commit crimes. Usually these irresponsible people will try to break into the security of accounts owned by other people in any way. There are many ways that fraudsters try to keep trying to hack the accounts of potential victims. 

The method of committing fraud by tricking potential victims into stealing accounts is called phishing. The term phishing comes from the word "fishing" which means fishing. Fishing here is meant to catch the victim in a trap that has been carefully prepared in advance. There are many ways, one of which is by taking over accounts and looking for loopholes for victims for certain purposes in crime, such as draining money from potential victims.

In practice, phishing is often used via email. For example, suddenly a potential victim gets a fake email in the name of a certain party and tries to provide information to the potential victim to enter the trap page that has been prepared by the perpetrator. Check first whether the destination page has a website domain that is really trusted, don't just go to a page where even the domain name is considered unprofessional, such as providing a page link for bank transactions but still using a domain address using a free domain like wordpress or blogspot.

Statista noted that until the first quarter of 2020 there were still 165,772 phishing websites detected. The number that still looks large is proven to have shown a downward trend when compared to previous years. The worst thing is that in 2016 it has crossed more than 400,000, then this crime in the form of phishing has begun to decline but must remain more vigilant.

"Not only email, phishing can also attack victims through social media. Usually the perpetrator will try to take over the password so that the victim cannot use the social media. In practice, phishing occurs in many places where it is possible to hack into the accounts of potential victims without realizing it.”

Therefore, take good care of the account that you have with maximum security so that it is safer for both your personal and business accounts. 

How to avoid phishing? 

1. Pay attention to the use of passwords 

The first and simplest step is to use a password that is not easily known by others. Do not use a personal name or a standard password like 123456. Use a password combination that you can remember with a combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers. 

2. Choose a secure app or web 

Now there are so many applications and websites that you can use. These applications and websites certainly have their respective security strengths for their customers. In choosing these applications, you must pay attention to the system.

3. Using a trusted cellphone or laptop 

Many people get hacked because they have logged in at an internet cafe or where there are public and less trusted computer equipment. Always try to log in via a personal laptop or cellphone. Many incidents like this are usually caused by forgetting to log out or because you store data on devices that are used by everyone. 

4. Use two-factor authentication Two Factor 

Authentication or commonly called 2FA is an increase in security standards that requires a 2-step identification process to avoid phishing. First, when you want to activate Two Factor Authentication, please enter your phone number. Then, after the data requested during verification is complete and complete, the system will send a verification code to the phone number. Next you will be asked to enter the SMS code that has been sent to the registered mobile number on the verification page. 

To secure your account, you can use the additional Google Authenticator application for iOS and Android. Currently, many social media and emails have a 2-step verification feature to make the security of their users even more secure. This feature will verify your other accounts every time you log into our social media. With this feature, it makes the account you have more secure so that it is not easily hijacked by criminals. 

When you activate this feature, you will usually be given a code via SMS that you need to input when logging in to social media. Always be careful and alert when using the internet. Phishing is one of the negative sides in the digital world by asking for important information such as passwords or pins that will be used irresponsibly.

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