Francesco Bagnaia refuses to leave Desmosedici in first test

Francesco Bagnaia refuses to leave Desmosedici in first test

A gamble with his manager in the Aspar Mahindra Moto3 team, Gino Borsoi, became a source of motivation for Francesco Bagnaia for promotion to the premier level. He has the opportunity to debut with the Desmosedici GP long before the 2019 MotoGP pre-season test.

On 15 November 2016, he rode the Desmosedici GP for the first time in a test at the Valencia Circuit that year. He tried the racing bike after Alvaro Bautista and Karel Abraham, the Ducati manufacturer duo in 2017.

“I won the bet, if I win two races with Mahindra, they will give me a chance to ride a MotoGP bike. They said yes!” he was reported by the MotoGP page.

Bagnaia reveals the thrill of riding the Desmosedici GP from the point of view of a 19-year-old teenager struggling in Moto3. At that time, the motorcycle tank was full, so from the allotted three laps, Valentino Rossi's upbringing actually increased to nine laps. The instructions of the Ducati crew were ignored.

"I was very, very scared," he said. "They gave the signal to go into the pits after three laps and I kept turning. I thought if I ran out of fuel I could do that one more lap, but I didn't want to stop.

Francesco Bagnaia refuses to leave Desmosedici in first test

“Although, I also remember doing it after nine laps. When I stopped, I felt very sad, the muscles were very tired. “Gino told me, 'Let's make another bet, you're not going to hit the gas fully on the first lap!' So to beat him, I got out of the pitlane and hit the gas straight away.

“I was scared because it had nothing to do with Moto3. The day before, I rode in Moto3 and it was amazing to be able to ride fast and brake with a MotoGP bike. At the time, the fastest bike I've ever ridden was a standard R6 at Misano, just a few laps away. But then, I tried this bike it's amazing."

The quick test made it easier to master the Moto2 motorbike. Bagnaia defended Sky Racing Team VR46 during 2017-2018 for intermediate level. “It makes the switch to Moto2 easier. Because, two or three days later, I rode Moto2 for the first time. 

In the first few laps I told myself I wasn't going to be very fast!” he revealed. "I'm excited to get there one day, but it's hard to imagine because you have to go to Moto2 first. The first experience in Moto2 was not easy because the level was very high."

In his inaugural season, Bagnaia was ranked fifth in Moto2. After that, he immediately won the 2018 world title and then moved up to MotoGP in 2019 with Ducati.

"Maybe that season gave me the motivation to get here. First win… Aspar are a great team,” he stressed.

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