Apple Watch Tutorials and Tips On Secret Steps to Using Apple Watch

Apple Watch Tutorials

Apple Watch who doesn't want one! Apple's feature-packed Smart Watch delights its users — but do you understand all the functions you can perform from your Apple watch? Here we present 19 Apple Watch tips and tricks that make users look professional, many of which work across some of the newest models, to help you truly master the watch-based mini-computer.

Apple Watch Tips & Tricks

1. Alter AirPods volume

Got a pair of AirPods with your Apple Watch or iPhone? Want to change the volume from your wrist? Look at your smartwatch to see what's playing then turn the digital crown to turn the volume up or down (which is much more convenient than using your phone).

2. Save battery power longer

Increase battery life on your Apple Watch a bit by stopping apps running in the background (as you can on your phone)—from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap My Watch , General , and Background refresh to turn them off for individual apps or everything.

3. Ping your iPhone

If you've lost your iPhone behind the couch, these Apple Watch tips and tricks can help you find it: Swipe up from the watch face, then tap the find iPhone button to eject it so you can find it. Press and hold the button to flash the phone's LED light too.

4. Take a photo with your Apple Watch

Most of you will find this, but it's one of the coolest tricks the Apple Watch has, so just in case: Open the Camera app on your iPhone and the Camera Remote app on your Apple Watch and hey… you can use your watch as a shutter button. 

5. Add sleep tracking

Apple Watch can't track your sleep in any meaningful way, but various third-party apps exist to fill the gap. Some of the best we've seen include Pillow (freemium), Sleep Watch (freemium) and Sleep++ (freemium).

6. See more on your Apple Watch

Don't struggle with small text sizes you can't read — Apple Watch lets you adjust text sizes across watchOS. From the Apple Watch app on your connected iPhone, select My Watch then Brightness & Text Size to make any necessary adjustments.

7. Share your location

Sharing your current location can be useful for meeting friends or updating family, and you can do so from Apple Watch tips and tricks: In any conversation going on in Messages, press hard on the screen, then choose send location from the menu.

8. Check Apple Watch data usage

If you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 strapped to your wrist, then you can use it to connect to a cellular network directly. To check how much data you got, open the My Watch app, then tap My Watch and My Cellular to read the latest.

9. Quickly turn off your Apple Watch

If you need to quickly turn off your wearable during a meeting or on a trip, you can put it on it. You'll need to make sure it's enabled in settings first though: tap My Watch, Sounds & Haptics , then Close to Disable in the My Watch app on your iPhone.

10. Show recently used apps

If you'd rather see the apps you recently used when you raise your wrist to turn on your Apple Watch (if you're tracking a run, for example), it's easy to do: From Settings on your watch, tap General , then Enable on Wrist Raise , and select Open to the Last-Used App .

11. Check the time more carefully

Raising your wrist is the standard way to turn on your Apple Watch and check the time (the kind that matters for any watch), but what if you want to do it a little more subtly? Slowly turn the digital crown on the side of the watch up to illuminate the display.

12. Use your own photo as a watch face

Adding your own photos from your iPhone is just as good as creating a custom face on Apple Watch — at least for now — with an image of your choice accompanied by a simple time and date widget displayed in the corner of the screen.

To do this from iOS, open Photos, tap Share , then Create Watch Face : Configure as needed, tap Add , and it will immediately appear as an option on your watch. To do this from your wrist, press firmly on the current face, scroll right to left and tap New , then select Photo.

13. Change how often you get notifications

By default, Apple Watch buzzes twice for new messages, but maybe you just need one alert — or maybe you want more reminders to pay attention to. In the Apple Watch app, go to My Watch , Notifications , Messages , and then Custom to set this up.

14. Change the strength of the haptic alert

Speaking of incoming wrist notifications, you can also change the strength of the haptic feedback for each alert when it comes — you might want to have a Facebook message give you a very light buzz, for example, while Snapchat triggers a stronger one.

To do this, open My Watch within the Apple Watch app, then select Sound & Haptics , then select the type of alert you want to change. To make haptic input stronger across all apps, go to Settings on Apple Watch, and tap Sounds & Haptics and Prominent.

15. Share your activity

See if sharing your activities with friends and family is enough to give you a motivational boost. From the Activity app on your iPhone, tap Sharing , then tap the Plus button (top right) —start typing the names of your contacts or tap their names in the list. With the latest iOS 12 and watchOS 5 updates, you can challenge your friends and relatives to a week-long competition too.

From the Activity app on your Apple Watch, swipe left and then tap a contact's name: Select Compete then tap the Invite button to place a challenge.

16. Force restart

If your Apple Watch becomes unresponsive, you can force the device to restart (reboot) by pressing and holding the digital crown and side button for 10 seconds (release when you see the Apple logo). Only use this as a last resort and certainly not while watchOS is being updated.

17. Unlock your Mac

If you just bought a new Apple Watch, you may not have noticed this, which makes life more convenient — you can use a wearable to unlock your Mac, instead of entering a password, as long as you're running macOS 10.12 Sierra or later.

From the Apple menu on your Mac, click System Preferences and Security & Privacy . Go to the General tab and check the box marked Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. You must have two-factor authentication for your Apple ID as well.

18. View apps as a list

The default box of app bubbles on the Apple Watch home screen won't suit everyone, and you can switch to a list if you like – press hard on the home screen, select List View, and you're done. You can't change the order of the apps here: Always alphabetically.

19. Advance Time Avoid Delay

Setting the watch to an earlier time is an old trick to avoiding lag, and Apple Watch can do this while still pinging at the right time for events and reminders. Go to Time in the Settings app, add the extra time you want (up to 59 minutes), then click Set .

Those are the Apple Watch tips and tricks that we have compiled from various sources that can make you even cooler with the latest info. Don't forget to share this article on social media to provide new information to other Apple Watch users.

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