5 Ways to Fix a Bluetooth Headset That Doesn't not Work Next Door!


5 Ways to Fix a Bluetooth Headset That Doesn't not Working in Any Part

bluetooth headset, an object used to listen to music, could be damaged. What's more, if you can't take care of it properly, the more easily the headset is damaged.

One form of damage that occurs in a bluetooth headset is a dead side. This means that the headset can only turn on or make sound in only one part (right or left). So if this is the case, what should be done to overcome it? Let's see the full answer in this article.

Causes of Dead Bluetooth Headset Next door

Before I tell you how to fix it, it would be better if you first know what the cause is. Because the causes are different, the treatment is different.

Well, here are some causes for bluetooth headsets to die or be damaged on one side:

Failed to Connect to Device

The first cause is that the headset fails to connect to the device. So, even though I've turned on Bluetooth and paired it, I still can't connect. If you can't connect, then the headset automatically can't be used. Things like this can apply to all devices (android, iPhone, laptop or computer).

Dirty Headset

Both bluetooth headsets and wired headsets if dirty usually don't work properly. Especially if the dirt is right where the sound comes out. Dirt can clog the headset so it can't produce sound properly. There is no other way to solve this other than cleaning the headset. (To be discussed in the next section).

Setting Error

Damage to the bluetooth headset can also be caused by setting errors. Especially on the audio balance.

As is known, audio has an important role so that the headset can produce sound optimally. If the settings are wrong, it could make the headset so silent even though it is turned on.

Out of Battery

And the cause of the dead bluetooth headset next to the last one is the headset has run out of battery.

The battery that drops automatically makes the headset so let and can't be used.

How to Fix a Dead Bluetooth Headset next door

Repairing a broken bluetooth headset is actually not that difficult. Especially if only one side is damaged.

You don't need to disassemble it.

Here are some ways to deal with a dead bluetooth headset and apply to all bicycle brands TWS i7S, TWS F9, inpods 12, JBL, and others:

Connect a Bluetooth Headset to Other Devices

First, please try first to connect your headset to another devices For example, the headset cannot connect to the cellphone, so try to connect it to a laptop, computer, or other device. If it turns out to be able to connect, then the problem is not in the headset but it could be on your cellphone.

Meanwhile, if after connecting it also fails, it can be concluded that your headset has an error or is damaged. Well, if it's your headset that has an error, please follow the next tips.

Disconnect Then Reconnect

When you use a bluetooth headset, then suddenly one of them doesn't make sound anymore, try to disconnect it first. After a few minutes, please reconnect.

After reconnecting, try to play a song to prove whether the bluetooth headset is back to normal or not.

Why should this be done? Because it could be that the headset had a connection error before so it needed to be reset to normal as usual. If it still fails, please do the second method.

Clean Bluetooth Headset

Take a look at your bluetooth headset, see if there is any dust or dirt stuck to it. Dirt can come from anywhere, it can be from the outside or our ear canal (usually after a few uses, if our ears are dirty, the headset will also get dirty quickly). The solution is definitely to clean the headset.

Try not to use a wet cloth to clean it, but use a dry cloth by wiping the dirty part of the headset. If you have already used a wet cloth, dry it with a microfiber cloth so that the liquid can be absorbed into the cloth immediately. Selection of microfiber cloth so that the bluetooth headset does not leave new fibers.

Check Audio Balance Settings

The next way to fix a dead bluetooth headset is to check the audio balance settings. This aims to ensure sound balance between the right and left headsets.

Just a little wrong setting, can make one of the headset sound smaller and can't even make it sound at all.

To check it, you can open the music player application or in the audio settings, while on a laptop or PC you can check it in the speakers section. Then, how to balance the audio.

Balancing Audio on Mobile

For audio balance on your cellphone, you can directly set it in the audio settings or in the default music player application. There should be, yes, but if not, you can use additional applications such as an equalizer to balance the sound. You can download the application directly from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Especially for HP Xiaomi Redmi 4x, you can adjust the audio balance on the equalizer.

Balancing Audio on Laptop/PC

Meanwhile, to balance the audio on a laptop or computer, please follow these steps:

  • First, right-click the speaker icon. (Usually in the lower right corner).
  • Next, please select sounds.
  • Next select playbacks and select the name of the bluetooth headset.
  • If you have, please click the properties section.
  • Open the levels tab then select balance.
  • Adjust the numbers between the L (left) and R (right) options in the same amount to balance.

Make sure the Bluetooth headset can be charged

If the bluetooth headset is in good condition, it should be fully charged and finally able to be used again.

If it can't be charged, over time the headset battery will drop and eventually die completely. If it can't be charged, try changing the charger first. Because basically, charging a bluetooth headset can also use a cellphone charger (I've tried it myself and it worked).

Those are some ways to fix a dead bluetooth headset. After doing the above, it's still not resolved?

This could be because the damage is too severe so it must be dismantled to repair it. As long as there is still a warranty period, please take advantage to be able to get an official repair. However, if it's finished, then just take it to the official service place around your house.

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